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At Swinstones, we provide natural stone solutions to homeowners and commercial organizations who require countertop’s for kitchen’s, desks as well as vanities for your new bathroom or bathroom renovation. We carry a number of different natural stone options that have different characteristics and colour options depending on the use you have in mind. We also work with you to determine the type of edge profile finishing you would like on your stone.

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Granite is a popular material for surfaces subject to, many and varied impacts, such as kitchen and vanities, steps and floors in ‘high traffic’ areas. Some granite’s have a quite spectacular appearance and is used for their visual impact, such as on facades.

Interior and exterior, Floors and walls, Interior counter tops, Exterior building facades.


Marble has long been valued for its beauty and strength; it was and still is widely used in buildings, monuments and sculptures. Even the ancient Greeks used marble for just this purpose; and who has not heard of Michelangelo, the undisputed master from Carrara who used marble for his statues?

Interior and exterior in non-freeze/thaw environments, Flooring, Fireplaces, Vanities, Shower and tub surrounds.


Slate, being a slip-resistant medium, is often used for different flooring applications. The colors and subtle textures of a slate floor complement most of the interior design scheme. Natural slate has a look that cannot be matched using man-made alternatives. The durability of a slate floor makes it a cost effect option, in the long run. Its combination of hardness and beauty also makes it a choice for commercial applications as well as the home. It can hold up to heavy and repeated traffic and still maintain its natural beauty. Slate Lasts for Hundreds of Years, with No Maintenance Required!!

Interior and exterior flooring, Walls, Roofing materials. other special applications.


Travertine is a unique stone rich with historical significance. The word travertine comes from an old Roman name for Tivoli, a town in Italy where large deposits of travertine exist. The brilliant beige stone, characterized by irregular surfaces and edges, has been a principal building material in Rome since the Roman Empire. Travertine clothed the exterior of the Colosseum and was later favored by Michelangelo for his sculptures.

Interior and exterior, Floors and walls, Shower surrounds, Fireplaces, Vanities.


Limestone is a sedimentary stone that consists of seashells and the bones of the sea creatures that have settled to the ocean floor. Calcium in sediment combines with carbon dioxide in the water to form calcium carbonate, the basic structure of all limestone and marble. Limestone contains suble variations in color and veining as a result of minerals that are present during formation. These naturally occuring variations in color add to the distinctiveness and beauty of the stone.

Interior and exterior installations.


edgesWhen designing your countertops it is important to put some thought into the type of edge profile you wish to incorporate. Different edge profiles work well for different styles of kitchen or bathrooms, whether it be a traditional, classic, casual or contemporary look. To the right are some common edge profiles and their names.

The edge profile will also impact the overall cost of the project as the amount of labour involved to create the edge may be higher. Other factors also come into play, such as the amount and type of corners and curves, placement and type of sink and other items.

Your sales representative will be more than happy to discuss all the options with you and make suggestions based on all the above factors and more.


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